Last year, according to SoloPracticeU, St. Louis attorney Craig S. Redler used Groupon to advertise a discount for will and power of attorney services. Before doing so he consulted the Missouri Bar Association which approved the use of Groupon as a means of lawyer advertising.

The article goes on to explain how Groupon can be used as an effective tool to attract clients, especially for solo practitioners. The major concern, the article points out, is that attorneys would have difficulty recouping expenses because of the steep discounts Groupon offers and the commission they take off the top (typically half off services or more). However with Mr. Redler this was not the case:

In the past year some of the discount clients have engaged him again for additional legal services at full fee. Some of them have referred new clients to him. Even though he didn’t actually lose money, the “loss leader” did lead to additional business for Redler.

The article shines a light into whether these discounts are cost effective and ethical. It seems like Groupon has found a new client base as well though: The solo practitioner.

Read the article here: Did Groupon Really Work for a Solo Lawyer?



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