Many students work tirelessly to make law review.I used to have a tee shirt that I loved to wear that read “Make Love, Not Law Review.” The joke was lost of many of my fellow law students. While in law school I wrote for one of the law journals at my law school. The competition for publication was fierce, students worked tirelessly checking footnotes and editing articles hoping to get their name in print. While my colleagues were toiling, I was also blogging, hoping that it would be a valuable tool for my future practice. Now, over at Kevin O’Keefe’s “Real Lawyers Have Blogs” blog he writes about a University of Denver professor who claims that law blogging is making law review obsolete.

As a former student who had an article or two that went unpublished, I can say first hand that blogging has been a tremendous tool. It has helped me reach a new audience with my scholarly writing, which would have otherwise remained unread or uncited. I highly recommend blogging to any student or attorney, if only to help us all become better writers.

Check Kevin O’Keefe’s take on law blogs: DU Law Prof : Law Blogs Make Law Reviews Obsolete.


2 thoughts on “Law Blogs Make Law Reviews Obsolete

  1. Really interesting post. When you started this blog, how did you make decisions in terms of narrowing the scope of the topics covered on your blog? Just curious. It’s something I struggle with so much, I turned the blog portion of my website into a static page until I figure it out.

    1. It was really just topics that caught my eye. I was curious to know where people went to school in relation to career, how education impacts career, technology and its impact on the profession as well.

      Additionally I blogged as an outlet to get some of my scholarly writing that wasn’t published due to the politics of law reviews some exposure.

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