Great read on internet privacy.

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The Internet, all convenience and camaraderie and humour and distraction on its face, and nasty troll greedily hoarding your information behind that façade.

The world has long punished the vulnerable – the naïve, the gullible, the over-confident, the delusional. This phenomenon has seamlessly adapted to our increasingly e-xistence, and it is beyond doubt that there are Bad Actors roaming The Internet seeking to exploit weakness, poking, prodding, and digging to find the thread that enables the victimization of the inadequately protected. Viruses, zombies, devious phishermen from Troy, keystroke loggers, zombies, online predators, Nigerian Princes, and zombies, the terrifying reasons for carefully guarding our personal information while online are numerous, but our ability to control access to our information online is limited. The conversation about privacy and the Internet is frequently tied to security and the necessity of guarding against malicious activity.

Another key context in which privacy and the…

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