Associate life is admittedly rough. It is a constant learning curve for which many are unprepared. It is a culture of high pressure, high stress, and high demands from Partners. We arrive early, work through lunch and stay late. Sometimes we pull all-nighters. It has the feeling of “finals week” only perpetual. So when I read of a UK Associate who was fired for “leaving early,” I figured it was because she pulled a Ferris Bueller. Alas, she did not. Telegraph reports:

A trainee solicitor who claims a leading City law firm rejected her for a job because she was pregnant was criticised for leaving early when she went home at 6.30am after working all night, an employment tribunal heard on Friday.

You read that right. She was pregnant, tired from pulling an all nighter, and left in the early morning to rest. She was fired. This is the life of young associates. Read the full story here: Lawyer who left office at 6.30am after all-nighter 'criticised for going early' – Telegraph.


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