Prosecutors need a better system of checks and balances on their “discretion.”


Attorney General Eric Holder claims critics are wrong to blame prosecutors for misconduct in the handling of Internet activist Aaron Swartz.

Swartz committed suicide after allegedly facing 50+ years in prison for releasing millions of pay-walled academic articles. During a congressional Judiciary Committee oversight hearing, Holder claimed that the media overhyped the assumption of an overzealous prosecutor, saying that a plea deal of a few months in prison was offered and rejected by Swartz.

His statement below, in response to the questioning of Senator John Cornyn:

“Let me first say that Mr. Swartz’s death was a tragedy. My sympathy goes out to his family and to his friends — those who were close to him. It’s a terrible loss. He’s obviously a very bright young man and had I think a good future in front of him. As I talked to people who’ve looked into this matter, these news…

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