If you’ve had one too many and you’re thinking about driving…there’s an app for that.

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Apple iTunes Released FREE I’m Wasted Mobile Application To Prevent Road Accidents and DeathsI'M Wasted

One of the world’s leader in mobile phone application, Apple iTunes recently released the mobile application I’m Wasted  in order to help prevent road accidents from happening. 

The leading criminal cause of death involving road accidents is drunk driving. In the United States, about 40% road fatalities are linked to alcohol and according to the data from the National Highway Traffic Administration,  an individual dies every 45 minutes while someone gets injured every two minutes due to alcohol-related accidents.

Alcohol-related accidents are high during Christmas and New Year. In the same study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Administration, the number of casualties of alcohol-related accidents shoots up twice or thrice during this time. On ordinary days, accidents are more likely to occur between midnight and three in the morning.

Although those who are guilty of…

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