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Law Office of G. Sal Gani

By: G. Sal Gani of the GANI LAW FIRM

That time of year is coming soon. Thousands of men, women, and children take to the woods for that trophy buck or to stock pile the freezer. It is also the time when Conservation Officers converge to the woods to look for violations. From the officer’s point of view, they are there to enforce laws for the protection of the public and preservation of our natural resources.  Some hunters believe they are needed in the field to make sure all sportsmen play by the same rules. Others believe they roam the woods to entrap and harass hunters. No matter what your opinion, there is one thing we all must agree: we are all entitled to due process of the law – the right to be treated equal and fair.

Every hunter and fisherman must be aware of all laws, restrictions, and…

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