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“I’m the Boss.  What can I see?”

As I represent employers of many different industries and of all business sizes, I am frequently asked to keep clients up to date and informed on new policies and court rulings that might affect their rights to access employee social media.  Technology and Social Media Sites have become increasingly influential not only in our private lives but our work environments as well.  So what can the Boss access?

The answer is slowing evolving and though anything less than clear, privacy is a key theme in a recent case from a U.S. District Court, that makes a distinction between private and public usage of social media sites such as Facebook.

After paramedic, Deborah Ehling was suspended from her job at Monmouth Ocean Hospital Service Corp. (MONOC), for a Facebook post the corporation disapproved of, Deborah took the company to court. Deborah was being penalized…

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