The Riverside, Illinois police department, in an effort to crack down on DUIs in the area will start tweeting the names, ages and hometowns of DUI Offenders.

The Chicago Tribune Reports:

The target is drivers under 30, who he said account for the majority of drunk-driving arrests and also make up most of the department’s new Twitter following.

The department created its account, @pdriverside, about six weeks ago, he said.


Officers will tweet the names, ages and the towns of residence for offenders after they either post bond or make a court appearance. Names of drivers who are charged with illegal drug use will also be tweeted, and the department will tweet the names of anyone arrested for driving with a license that was suspended or revoked because of drunk driving.

While it may seem outrageous, it’s all perfectly legal, says the Riverside PD. The police will be releasing information in accordance with public information laws. While this may have an impact on DUI offenses (though I can’t really see how embarrassing past offenders deters many future offenders. Alcohol still impairs inhibitions right?), it may also make it easier for lawyers to find clients.

There are some interesting ethical gray areas that will need to be hashed out here in terms of using social media to attract clients and/or online ambulance (or in this case cop car) chasing.


Read more: Riverside police department to tweet names of DUI suspects –


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