When Governor Bruce Rauner signed a new law decriminalizing marijuana possession Friday, Illinois became the 17th state to consider small possession a civil matter subject to a citation and a fine rather than a criminal offense.If you’re caught carrying more than 10 grams of marijuana (which, it seems in some photos, is a lot of marijuana), cops may issue tickets for $100 to $200. Chicago has had an ordinance decriminalizing pot possession of up to 15 grams since 2012.

Importantly, the law also stipulates that possession citations will be automatically expunged after six months.The new state statute also adds an important wrinkle to the legalization landscape by defining what it means to drive under the influence of marijuana. Drivers will be subject to DUI charges only if they have five or more nanograms of THC in their blood, or ten or more nanograms of THC in their saliva.

Source: New Illinois law defines ‘stoned driving’ | Bleader | Chicago Reader